*Awards and Accomplishments*

USDF Bronze and Silver Medal.
USDF Bronze and Silver Freestyle Bar .
2014 USDF National Horse of the Year at Intermediare-1, 12th place with and average score of 70%
Multiple Highpoint and FEI Highpoint awards.
Multiple USDF All-Breeds Awards on Multiple Horses.
Multiple "Central Florida Dressage" High Point Championships

Trained the imported German Warmblood Stallion Blue Eyed Dream GF from a 3 year old up to competing at I-1 dressage and training the Grand Prix at home.

I am just 2 scores away from earning my USDF Gold Medal.

2014 Region 3 Championships 8th place at Intermediare-1 Musical Freestyle
I have trained multiple horses from the ground up to Intermediare dressage..
I have and horses that I have trained competed in multiple USDF Regional Championship competitions through Intermediare-1.
A horse that I have trained qualified for and attended the USDF National Championships competition in Lexington, Kentucky with his owner riding.

Presented the German Warmblood stallion undersaddle for breeding approval to the German Oldenburg Verbrand, and he was approved based on his exemplary competition record.

I have started many horses in carriage training and competed in singles and pairs driving as well, but my current focus is on undersaddle dressage training. 

My name is Charity Allen and I have been training horses for over 15 years. As a teenager I began eventing in my home state of Tennessee and in Kentucky as well. As I got into the eventing world and competed aboard several off-the-track thorougbreds the dressage phase slowly won me over and became my passion.
I began to look for more opportunities to further my knowledge in dressage and gain experience. I first accepted a job in Maryland as the barn manager of a 30 horse boarding facility. So off I went with my ottb, hoping to find more riding opportunities along the way. I enjoyed my time managing the barn in MD but soon realized I spent all of my time managing the barn when what I really wanted to do was ride more horses! So I looked for more work, this time with more opportunity to ride. I found a working student position near Deland, Florida and hoped for bigger opportunities. I went straight to work at the dressage training and breeding farm Equivale Inc. When I arrived the farm had had 3 new foals and so right away I began to learn how to handle everything from babies all the way to a young green stallion and a seasoned Grand Prix dressage stallion. I began as a humble working student and within a year the owner called me her barn manager and soon after the assistant trainer. The young 3 year old German Warmblood stallion "Blue Eyed Dream" was given to me to ride and train as a "project". The owner had really imported him for breeding purposes and wasn't terribly worried about him having a lengthy education or career undersaddle. I should mention that we also did carriage driving at this farm. So Dream, as we called him for short, did a bit of carriage driving in competition with his owner and did very well, winning often. All the while I was training him in dressage at home in the background. Dream was a goofy, gangly young horse and honestly no one thought much of him the first few years, but I knew what he had in inside. The bond that he and I developed over 10 wonderful years together is something I cannot describe. Dream and I learned and moved up the dressage levels together competing all around Central Florida and Wellington, slowly at first but then around 4th level everything, all of our patient training came together and suddenly everyone asked "who is that horse?". Dream had blossomed in a way that no one could have predicted! He became a trustworthy, level headed competition horse. Our scores became better each year, and as we competed in the musical freestyle from First level through Intermediare-1 the dance was becoming more joyful everyday. We scored in the 70's at almost every level along the way. Our best score coming at Intermediare-1 with a high score of 76% and an average of 70% in the 2014 competition year in recognized competition! In 2015 we were training to compete in the Grand Prix, making plans to go for it in the 2016 competition year, as well as hoping to enter our first CDI at I-1 in 2016. On September 26th, 2015 Blue Eyed Dream passed away unexpectedly. We were preparing to go to the regional championship competition just two weeks away when he became ill. What the vet initially thought was a colic ended up within a day Dream having renal failure and an unstoppable sinking founder that even the veterinarians at the intensive care hospital could not figure out why it was happening. As you can imagine this was a unimaginably devastating time for me. Dream was an amazing stallion, and together we learned the dressage ropes, earning our USDF Bronze and Silver Medals as well as our Bronze and Silver Freestyle Bars, just steps away from the Grand Prix. This "project" horse who initially no one thought much of that blossomed into a show stopper has forever left hoofprints on my heart and I will always be grateful for the short but wonderful time I spent bonding and learning with him.

   At the same time as I was bringing Dream along we were breeding many of his offspring and keeping several as future competition horses. I have experience with the breeding process from the very beginning of collecting the stallion to many nights of foal watch and being there for births. Several of his offspring I have known since birth and have been training for 8 plus years, this is a rare and wonderful thing to have this experience. I have taught them to wear a halter and to now be competing through Prix St.George dressage. These horses regularly score in the upper 60's to 70's in recognized competition throughout Central Florida. I have started many other young horses undersaddle and they have been sold and gone to to have great careers dressage, eventing and even the hunters. I truly enjoy every level of dressage training and hope to one day again have a shot to compete in the Grand Prix. 

I am located near Tampa, Florida and available to travel to you in the areas surrounding including Odessa and Lutz etc..I am also available for dressage, western dressage and driven dressage lessons for riders of all levels in the areas around Tampa, Florida including Lutz, Wsley Chapel, Land O Lakes and other areas. and when time permits am available to travel to your farm. I am a kind, patient, yet persistent trainer and would love to help you reach your goals! Please visit my
trainingpage for more information.

*Trainers I have trained under*

Conrad Schumaucher 
Rodrigo D. Matos (Portuges riding school principal rider)
Erin Brinkman (highly respect Florida based Grand Prix Gold Medalist dressage trainer and trakhener breeder)
Jean Thornton (previous "R" dressage judge and USDF Gold Medalist)
Tom Noone (former World Cup competitor)
Dominique Barbier (Renound classical dressage trainer.)

​​Charity & Blue Eyed Dream GF

Deland dressage

Elysian Dressage

      Charity and Buttercup

Orlando dressage

Charity and Sport Model


Orlando dressage
orlando dressage

Charity & Benji

Charity and Blue Eyed Dream

  "Dressage is our passion!"